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Desperate attempts to sanitize Ken Sharpe’s dirty hands


By Farai Hamamunesu (Senior Court Reporter)

The embattled businessman and Ukraine based, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe whose image is at stake following a multiple legal battles that exposed his corruption deeds as a land baron in Harare.

Some of the serious allegations he is facing include the half done airport road by one of his companies known as Pokugara Properties. His company was awarded vast amount of lands in Harare through dubious means.

This has seen members of the public developing interests as they demand to establish circumstances leading to the fraudulent land-double deals between Mr Sharpe and Authorities.

Tendai Biti a Harare’s top lawyer recently exposed how Kenneth Raydon Sharpe corruptly bargained vast amount of lands in Harare.

Pokugara Properties and West Properties having been launching desperate attempts to sanitize Sharpe’s hands from the pool of corruption.

Both companies are now making use of social media platforms in trying to assure their clients who might have been disgruntled by the legal proceedings and court allegations being faced by Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

“We have noted, with concern, the false and malicious attacks on social media including Tweeter and You Tube and other public platforms by Mr Tendai Biti against our company Chief Executive Officer Mr Kenneth Sharpe persona and reputation,” reads a Press Statement, placed in the Daily News of 27 July 2021by West Properties.

The statement goes on to defend the legality of the disputed land.

“Sharpe’s business dealings are 100% above board and that the land we are currently developing was legally obtained.”

Meanwhile, the disputed land in question has been subjected to litigation an aspect that will inevitably turn down interests from residential stands seekers.


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