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Diamond plunder probe: Mliswa says has given up on Mugabe

By Staff Reporter

AGGRESSIVE Norton MP Temba Mliswa has abandoned pursuit of former President Robert Mugabe whom he tried with no success early this year to bring before his Mines committee in to speak about what he knew about the plunder of billions worth of diamond wealth.

Mliswa was re-elected MP for the former Zanu PF constituency and has gone on to retain his post as Mines and Energy committee chair with promises to turn his guns on gold

Asked if he still had a wish to bring Mugabe before his committee, Mliswa said he was done with the 94-year-old former leader.

“He is old, I mean we can’t even convict him. We wanted him to tell us the truth because he had said the diamonds had been stolen from the source,” Mliswa said.

“So, it would have been good for him to tell us the real truth of who stole the diamonds and so forth rather than speculating.

“So, we don’t have to bring him back. I am not mad. I am normal and I think we have got to respect his age and what he has done despite messing things up but you know you don’t do that to a human being of that age.”

Then President, Mugabe in 2016 told state media that $15 billion worth of Marange diamonds have been extracted from the Manicaland area since formal mining operations started 2008 but of the amount, the country could only managed to realise not more than $2 billion.

The rest were spirited away by powerful cartels linked to his now defunct administration.

Following the revelations and Mugabe’s subsequent ouster nearly a year ago, Mliswa put up a spirited bid to have the once powerful leader appear before his committee.

Mugabe defiantly ignored invitations to the committee, which had interviewed former ministers, police and intelligence chiefs over one of the world’s most scandalous diamond mining operations.

Gary Murambiwa
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