Diasporan brings cheer to the under-priviledged

By Lovemore Chazingwa (Kadoma)

United Kingdom (UK) based Zimbabwe born Moud Jenniffer Chimboza celebrated her birthday in extraordinary style, throwing a home party for underpriviledged youths in Kadoma, while she was domiciled at her base in London.
Jenniffer remembered her roots and thought it wise to bring smiles to multitudes of youths and ,of course, some elders, who would be ready to assist with services, much to their experience empowerment and income gain. Chimboza just turned 52.
The lady with a soft heart brought the house down, albeit in absentia, at Bereguru Hall in Rimuka suburb, where the bash was hosted.
Her main message is to build communitirs no matter the disatnce: “I donated some,money and organized a team from the GB/SQ area to plan my birthday party.
I resolved to engage people from that community to be at the fore front. All kids who were at the party are from this neighbourhood. Tinashe Mungoshi who mobilizes on a wheelchair was the treasurer and Pachedu Women’s Group came in handy with the catering.
The women’s group led in yhe cake cutting and distribution ceremony and providing the food at the lavish birthday party “I did this to make them realise that in their situations they have potential and can do something in life. Tinashe carried out his role quite well.
The women were excellent. “We can still be a community together no matter the geography, as long as we are connected.
The birthday bash exposed a whole lot of other talents,” said an audibly satisfied Jenniffer in a whatsapp voice-note sent from her base in the diaspora.
The bash had a touch of class as Harare based Zimdancehall artist Stunner was guest musician. He unleashed an exhilerating performance for about 2 hours Other local musicians and dance groups also had a chance to exchange notes with Stunner besides thrilling the kids with performances that put the house in dancing groove.
That network is healthy for develoing the arts in outlying communities. A leaf turned as a result of the party.
Jenniffer is a founder member and one of the directors at community based organization KNT which has made a lot of strides in giving back to Kadoma community.

The organization is focusing on marginalized societies in Kadoma and complementing city council efforts in service delivery.
It has strategized a monthly clean-up roadmap that dovetails into the national clean up policy.
Besides cleanups, the benevolent trust does charity work, recently donating goodies to Rimuka Old People’s Home on this month’s National Claen-Up Day.
KNT spokesperson Floyd Chimboza is also a forward looking man,”This was a solo initiative by one of the directors of KNT. “Its her way to touch base, share and connect with a community that she appreciates and cherishes dearly.
She threw the party as a mere benefactor from her own resources. Performances by kids and artists are a platform to nurture a bright future for them from a tender age.
More such events are to be planned going forward,” said the trendy gentleman of swagger. The event was held from 1-6pm with about 200 kids invited.
The young guests were ferried to and from their homes using hired kombis. Food, drinks, facepainting was the order of the day and the littluns could not have enough as some were unwilling to go back home after the show was over.
Each one got a T-shirt emblazoned with the name and image of the party host, Jenniffer.
They had a time of their lives that will remain petched in their minds for a long time to come.

Tendai Guvamombe