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Durahall Independence Day celebrations in a township setup

By Kay Kaseke

In a small township of Chitungwiza the independence celebrations were not the same as the yesteryear celebrations where people would eat and merry like there’s no tomorrow all this due to the lockdown caused by the deadly infectious corona virus.
Instead this year neighbours congregated on durawalls wearing surgical face masks and plastic face shields to prevent catching the virus, one could hear the ladies sing the old national anthem ‘Mwari komborerai Zimbabwe (God bless Zimbabwe) they prayed for healing and restoration of the country and the men’s bass could be heard with them joining in singing and praying with their wives.

The preaching was invigorating one wouldn’t be able to tell that its actually the self selected persons first time to speak in public . The preacher was born a few years before independence spoke, giving a heartfelt message of the pre and post independence life.
“Those that lived both eras would understand best what independence means the born frees don’t full understand what independence means for some of us… I want to cry for Zimbabwe… vavengi (haters) came planted that which is not right they, segregated and reserved 1st street for white people look at the old videos.”
That independence torch at Highfield’s meant something when it was lit for the 1st time it ignited a fire both spiritually and physically it was a symbol that showed acceptance of our independence and of our leaders lighting the torch (lest we forget that Chamisa once tried to light and it would not light and the dove wouldn’t fly away) The Psalmist sang, ”Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalms 119: 105 This is the light of Spirit, God, and of His Christ, the saving Truth.
Reflecting on independence led by our leaders The Bible records the efforts of many people dedicated to bettering human life. Moses led the Hebrews out of Egyptian bondage. David made of one nation all the tribes of Israel. Nehemiah rebuilt the broken wall of Jerusalem. These and others sought to improve their peoples’ lot – but on a spiritual basis, through trust in the one God. Now as then there continues the need to develop and experience more of humanity’s potential.
Let us pray for our leaders: leaders are ordained by God it is important to keep them in our prayers often in Joel 2 independence day is like a rebirth of the country.
On this independence day onwards the self styled preacher looked at the current government and alluded it to the time of Jesus as new policies came the Pharisees resisted that is like the current Gv’t most people are used to the old ways where they got away with corruption and all other evil deeds.
Though people practised social distancing this independence day they came together in love and harmony and celebrated independence in style on their durawalls.

Tendai Guvamombe