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Dwindling water levels of Chivero worries Harare

By Kay Kaseke

The dwindling water levels of Lake Chivero and the incapacity by the City Fathers to procure chemicals which have become expensive among other issues has negatively impacted Harare.

For close to a decade Harare has been without adequate water supply a predicament that has continued to jeopardize people’s health in the city.

Nevertheless the City Fathers and perhaps with the works of land barons at hand, has led to the expansion of Harare. At the moment LakeChivero is becoming unsustanable for the mashroomed ubarn sprawl.

This is aggravated by the continued invasion of wetlands which are also part of the solutions to the existance of water crisis.

Against this background the Parliamentary portfolio committees on Human Rights, Sustainable Development Goals and Gender Development last week Thursday paid a visit to Lake Chivero’s Morton Jeffrey.

The high leveled delegation tour revealed a plethora of problems bedeviling the institution.

This came in the wake of inadequate water supply affecting various places of Harare City.

The legislators observed the dwindling water levels at Lake Chivero that have reduced to only 17 meters from the usual 40 meters in the last two decades. This saw the spilling level falling below 6 meters.

Engineer Mabhena Moyo briefed the parliamentarians on the state of Chivero Dam and its incapacity to cater for Harare’s water supply. Water rationing has been worsened by the demanding water chemicals.

“Lake chivero is 6 meters below spilling level, it last spilled in the 2017 – 2018 rain season with water being able to last 18 months.”

“Harare faces a different challenge from Mutare as mutare uses few chemicals where Harare uses 9 chemicals for water purification and we don’t have adequate funds to purchase those chemicals.”

Given the current situation on water problems in the city, it is a clear testimony that the crisis will add more problems than the existing ones.

Tendai Guvamombe