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ED to draw biggest support from Masvingo home province: Survey

MASVINGO is likely to emerge as a stronghold for Zanu PF while the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T will maintain its stranglehold on Harare, a recent survey by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) has revealed.

According to the survey whose results were announced on Thursday, Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to get his highest vote in Masvingo with 68% of the total vote. MPOI researcher, Stephen Ndoma said Chamisa’s MDC-T had the support of over half of the capital city’s registered voters.

“Advocate Nelson Chamisa of the MDC Alliance will ride on the Harare influence with indications suggesting he will get 54% of the vote. The institute projected that Mnangagwa would get 30% in Matabeleland North province, 29% of votes in Harare, and 13% in Bulawayo. The other six provinces’ permutations were sitting above the margin of 30%,” Ndoma said.

Chamisa, on the other hand, Ndoma said, would get 45% in Bulawayo, 42% in Matabeleland North, 39% in Manicaland, 36% in Mashonaland East, 30% in the Midlands, 24% in Mashonaland Central and 22% in Matabeleland South provinces, respectively.

According to Ndoma, Zanu PF has retained popularity among rural areas while Chamisa has found favour in the urban areas.

“More rural residents strongly like Zanu PF as compared to almost one out of four (26%) urban residents while MDC-T Chamisa is popular amongst the urbanites with 52% compared to 27% in the rural areas”, he said.

Meanwhile, findings rated the MDC Alliance as the most popular grouping among opposition parties in the country.

“MDC Chamisa’s party came out as the most liked party with 36%, with the National People’s Party (NPP) following at 5%, MDC-Ncube and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) both holding 4%, 3% for MDC-T Khupe, Zapu-Dabengwa and the National Patriotic Front (NPF) both stood at 2%,” Ndoma said.

The MPOI survey projected that if elections were to be held today, Mnangagwa would garner 42% of the vote while Chamisa would get 31% of the vote, necessitating a presidential runoff.


Gary Murambiwa
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