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ED takes dig at Grace, likens G40 rejects to ticks

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa Wednesday took a dig at former First Lady Grace Mugabe for meddling in government affairs as he scoffed at Zanu PF “ticks” who have teamed up to form their own party to challenge Zanu PF.

He was addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters and Johane Masowe Vadzidzi VaJeso congregants at Centre Zimbabwe Africa High School built by Mudzidzi Wimbo at his shrine in Madziwa Wednesday.

Former Higher and Tertiary education Minister Jonathan Moyo and some party officials linked to the infamous G40 “cabal” which was dislodged from the party as a result of the November military intervention are in the process of forming the so-christened New Patriotic Front.

Mnangagwa defiantly said Zanu PF remained invincible, further describing his former colleagues as God forsaken.

The new President likened the ruling party to a beast which has gets rid of ticks after going through the dip tank.

“Isu seZanu-PF pakawanikwa zvinotiremera mumusangano tinozunza sezvinoita mombe ikaita maticks zvobva. Saka munaNovember (2017) Zanu-PF yakapinda mudhibhi, payakanobuda uko zvakadonha, zvakanodonha asi inoramba ichingoenda mberi, ichingotonga, vanopanduka vachitongwa neZanu-PF, ichingoenda mberi ichitonga,” he said.

This is loosely translated to mean Zanu PF deals with challenges like a cow dealing with ticks and in November last year went through the dip where it got rid of ticks and keeps moving ahead.

When Robert Mugabe was still President, Grace commanded a lot of influence as she could commandeer government ministers and resources to join her whirlwind tours where she occasionally insulted party rivals.

The controversial former First Lady was neither a member of parliament nor a government official.

In some of her husband’s Youth Interface rallies, Grace would tell Zanu PF crowds Moyo was being framed by anti-corruption authorities for offences linked to financial embezzlement.

But without mentioning names, Mnangagwa came close to accusing Grace of causing anarchy in the country.

“Cabinet, Parliament nemajudge. Ukaona iwe usiri muCabinet wotonga vari muCabinet, iwe usiri muParliament wotonga vari muParliament, ukaona usiri judge woti nhingi haana mhosva parally woziva kuti zvinhu zvarashika.(If you find yourself not in Cabinet, Parliament but still afford to manipulate those in Cabinet and Parliament; if you find yourself not a judge but still tell people at a rally that so and so is not guilty, then know things have gone astray).

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa