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Education institutions urged to consider Disability learners

Education sector has been considered as an obstacle that impede on addressing the plight of disability learners on various aspects in the country.

This was brought to light at during a training workshop on Youths Actions on the Implementation and Monitoring of Disability Rights held by Development Aid from People to People(DAPP) in Bindura in the past two days.

The concern was raised by Taurai Karambakuwa from Friends of Child Development(FCD) saying the education sector has been posing barriers on learners with disabilities mainly through poor resource prioritization with some schools failing to enrol students with physically challenged learners.

“When we look at the obstacles that affects persons with disabilities starts with the way how our education sector deals with learner with disabilities. We have noted that a number of schools fails to prioritize physically challenged learners on resource allocation, even in terms of infrastructure.”

“Apart from this some schools have developed a tendency of rejecting the enrolling of physically challenged learners and we are saying this should be addressed,” he said.

Yvonne Tom from Department of Social Warfare another participant said a number of institutions in the education sector could be lagging behind sensitization in handling persons with disabilities.

“Sometimes its not thier faulty, you may find out that professionals in the sector might be lagging behind proper knowledge in handling disability issues at academic levels hence the need to devise mechanisms to address such issues.”

Emily Nyoni Programs Coordinator with Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe(LCDZ), a facilitator of the training workshop reiterated on the need to embed disability as a Programme in all the tertiary institutions in the education sector.

“The gape comes from the lack of adequate knolwedge on the rights of persons with disabilities in education training institutions. Information is the key aspect. Domestication of United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities should be embedded in the curriculum of education training institutions.”

Tendai Guvamombe