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‘Either we rise or we fall as a union,’ Spanish PM tells EU

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez attends a session at the Lower Chamber in Madrid on March 25, 2020 to debate the extension of a national lockdown until April 11 in an effort to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. - As the global death toll soared past 20,000, Spain joined Italy in seeing its number of fatalities overtake China, where the virus first emerged just three three months ago. (Photo by Mariscal / POOL / AFP) (Photo by MARISCAL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has thrown a challenge to the European Union to the effect that if they dismally fail to work in collaboration towards COVID-19, the entire continent will plunge into a health catastrophe.

Spain is one of the most affected countries in the globe by the global pandemic.

“Either we rise to this challenge or we will fail as a union, ” Pedro Sanchez vituperated.

His recent sentiments gripped the global media as making the headlines in more than 10 major newspapers.

In his own words he sends appeal to nations bound under European Union to act with urgency to Spanish COVID-19 crisis.

“We have reached a critical juncture at which even the most fervently pro-European countries and governments, as is Spain’s case, need real proof of commitment, ” he reiterated.

Despite his desperate appeal the devastating effects of of the pandemic continues to be worrying some to many European Nations.

As of now the Global COVID-19 death toll continues on an accelerating drive there by inevitably limiting any chance of hope.

According to Sanchez the current response to be given by the union will be a clear demonstration of what holds the future of EU countries.

“An invisible enemy that is putting the future of the European project to the test.”

“Without solidarity there can be no cohesion, without cohesion there will be disaffection and the credibility of the European project will be severely damaged,” he uttered.

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