EMA alerts nation on veld fire season

By Environment Reporter

Environment Management Agency(EMA) says a total of 165 352.92 hectares of land has been lost to veld fires across the nation. The appalling statistics released by the agency indicate that 298 fire incidences were recorded before the commencement of 2020 fire season.

In a statement, Amkela Sidange EMA’s Spokesperson reiterate on the effects of pre veld-fire season this year.

“Already the country has recorded a total of 298 fire incidences and losing 165 352.92 Ha to veld fires before the commencement of fire season on the 31st of July 2020.”

According to the Agency Mashonaland West, Matabeleland North, and Mashonaland Central Provinces respectively veld fire appalling records.

“Mashonaland West lost most of the land of over 80171.75 Ha, followed by Manicaland, Matabeleland North, and Mashonaland Central with 25962.96 Ha, 23741.22 Ha and 13039.7 Ha respectively.”

Sidange says the major causes of fire fires were attributed to negligence by citizens and early burning by property owners.

“Over 80 percent of the veld fired were as a result of early burning by property owners in preparation of the fire season and about 20 percent was associated with negligence in handling fire during a time when the veld is susceptible to veld fires.”

EMA have since intensified awareness campaigns on fire season which commenced on 31st July 2020. The agency maximized the opportunities of COVID-19 food distribution to disseminate veld fire information.

“The Agency carried out 596 mobile awareness campaigns in fire prone areas, which in most cases took advantage of where people were gathered for food distribution.”

Tendai Guvamombe