EMA upholds Corporate Governance

Aaron Chigona Director General EMA addressing journalists at Cresta Jameson Harare

By Tendai Guvamombe

The Environment Management Agency (EMA) says it thrives to uphold corporate governance in a bid to promote transparency and accountability.

This came to light during a media engagement held by EMA with Journalists from different media organizations in the Capital last Friday.

In a presentation EMA Director General, Aaron Chigona said the agency has a whistle blower platform meant to enhance corporate governance by exposing elements of corruption.

“We thrives to uphold Corporate Governance, to curb corruption and promote transparency, the Agency established a Whistle Blower
platform whose intent is to report any unethical behavior. The platform is handled by an independent private player and contact details for reporting are available on our website, move is meant to strengthen th Agency’s systems and promote transparency as well as accountability.”

This follows the recent endorsement of EMA as the most transparent institution in terms of access to information by MISA Zimbabwe, Report on Transparency Assessment Research 2020.

EMA’s Spokesperson Amkella Sidanke

In a speech read on behalf of Environmental Services Director, Steady Kangata by EMA’s Spokesperson Amkela Sidanke said the Agency has been enforcing reforms aimed at furthering national goals and polices to achieve sustainable environmental management.

“The Agency’s operations for 2020 were aimed at addressing the pertinent environmental issue facing the nation, with guidance from the Transitional Stabilisation Program (TSP). Beyond 2020, a cue will be taken from the recently launched National Development Strategy 1(NDS1) as it clearly outlines targets for sustainable environmental management.”

Tendai Guvamombe