Emmerson Mnangagwa: A worse than Mugabe is here

By Fortune N. Mlalazi

WHEN the November 2017 coup was conducted by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, a frenzy gripped the Zimbabweans as they celebrated the fall of 37 years of Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship. Sadly the excitement was short lived. Zimbabweans are now faced with a more younger, energetic and dangerous dictator than Mugabe.  In St Mthews Gospel of the Holy Bible chapter 12 verse 41-42 Jesus speaking of Himself says, “A greater than Jonas is here…a great than Solomon is here.” This write up will prove to the reader that if not handled well, the 2018 elections will birth and breed the worst misery that the country has ever experienced since Independence. A worse than Mugabe is here!

The Bloody Coup

Let me take you to the beginning. When Robert Mugabe threw his long time ally Mnangagwa under the bus after the highly charged Bulawayo Youth Interface, a very important thing to take note of took place. Mnangagwa wrote an emotive letter warning Robert Mugabe that he will come back to rule in a few weeks. Soon afterwards, we saw the military moving out of the barracks in broad daylight and conducting the bloodiest operation targeted at members of the Executive since Gukurahundi. Many lives were lost, some who escaped were exiled, and some were abducted and detained in the dreaded army barracks. Suddenly Mnagagwa descended from South Africa where he was hosted by one Justice Maphosa and CIO director Isaac Moyo. His return was hyped by the army using their blue-eyed boy Jah Prayzah who sang endless songs dedicated to the dreaded crocodile.

What is the point here? The point is that here is a president and presidential candidate whose ascendency to power drips fresh Zimbabwean blood. Such is a man whom when political scheming defeats him is willing to shoot and kill his way to the famed state house. And daily state media is abused to convince Zimbabweans to vote for such person.

Davos 2018

Zimbabweans were glued to their TV screens watching the first ever President of Zimbabwe to address the World Economic Forum. The climax of the interview came when the interviewer asked about the Matabeleland genocide. The question was very simple: “Mr Mnangagwa will you apologise for Gukurahundi?” What followed was a disheartening answer. The President refused outrightly to own up to the massacre that he was a key implementer of.

Those that study semiotics and symbology can attest that the body language and everything about Mnangagwa exuded an aura of an unrepentant dictator who sends signals that he is a no nonsense man ready to pound on anyone who dares raise his head against him.

The reason why Satan and God will never smoke a peace pipe is because Satan is full of pride and is willing is to continue trying to fight God though he knows it’s a losing battle. Of such mould is this Emmerson, a man who is so proud of his involvement in the massacres of the people of Matabeleland and Midlands to an extent that even the word sorry is taboo to him. And daily state media is abused to convince Zimbabweans to vote for such person.

Botched Cabinet Appointments

Emmerson Mnangagwa is a man with detest for the rule of law and constitution. Immediately after his bloody ascendency to power, Emmerson appointed a battalion of war veterans and soldiers into his cabinet in a blatant disregard of the constitution. The constitution provides for a limited number of non-constituency ministers but alas Mnangagwa didn’t know. If it wasn’t for the public brouhaha, he would have stuck with the unconstitutional cabinet. So much for a famed lawyer who has disregard for the law. And daily state media is abused to convince Zimbabweans to vote for such person.


As if we had seen it all, on the morning of Mnangagwa’s bloody coup the most criminal South African businessman Zunaid Moti and his host of Indian thugs flew into the country in search of chrome mines fields. The pictures of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga posing with the corrupt gang flooded the internet. Unscrupulous local business people like Energy Mutodi suddenly became darlings of the new President. The United Nations certified diamond looter Sibusiso Moyo emerged as the International Spokesman of Mnangagwa’s regime. Political rivalries like Ignatius Chiminya Chombo, Makhosini Hlongwane and Walter Mzembi were sacrificed on the altar of political expediency and labelled as corrupt people yet the most corrupt people were accommodated in the new executive. And daily state media is abused to convince Zimbabweans to vote for such person.


The emergence of Emmerson Mnangagwa on the scene has cemented the politics of cultism that has long been in existence in Zimbabwe’s body politic. A new god has emerged in the form of Emmerson Mnangagwa.  Unlike Mugabe, this new god has been endorsed by revered Bishops like Andrew Wutawunashe as being the Son of Man (a Title reserved for Jesus Christ) unlike Mugabe this god has created a symbol of his new cult; the scarf. Every initiated member of Mnangagwaism is evidenced by clinging to the sacred multi coloured scarf as a sign of his loyalty to the new god. Unlike Mugabe before, this new god has claimed that the Voice of the People is the Voice of God and his manifestation is the Voice of God technically equating himself to Jesus Christ the only true Word of God according to the book of Saint John. This new god is dangerous as he sees himself as the invincible phoenix who defeated the man who was known as the host of the Zimbabwe’s political gods. And daily state media is abused to convince Zimbabweans to vote for such person.


Perhaps, this topic needs another thesis on its own but let me give two lines to it then soon I will pen a full writ dedicated to it.

The emergence of Mnangagwa through the bloody coup saw the reduction of women’s representation in the Executive. Mnangagwa brought about a deeply entrenched patriarchal cabinet that is willing to see women going down the drain. It’s high time that the country is mothered!


This article concludes with the following realisation that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rule is laden with corruption, disregard of the rule of law, sickening patriarchy, gory cultism and un-repentance from bloody acts of ethnic and political cleansing.

It is high time that Zimbabweans vote for a new tender hearted, resolute person who is committed to building Zimbabwe and re-locating her in the family of nations. It’s high time that we raise the bones on Mbuya Nehanda to guide us again after 3 decades of a lost cause. The spirit of reconciliation and development can only be found in the People’s Rainbow Coalition Leader Dr Joice Turai Ropa Mujuru.  Let’s safeguard the gains of Independence and restore Zimbabwe to a democracy.

Fortune Mlalazi is the National Spokesperson of the People’s Democratic Party. He writes in his personal capacity. He can be contacted on: mlalazif@gmail.com/ +263775114343

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