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Engage Zimbabwe, an NGO initiave set by teens to help rural learners from COVID-19 lockdown challenges


In a rare move, junior secondary school learners from different schools across Zimbabwe have joint hands together in setting up an initiaves to raise funds for rural learners.

It has emerged that rural learners have suffered a lot from the negative effects of COVID-19 lockdown. This therefore calls for urgent interventions.

Tafadzwa Mazonde Chairperson of Engage Zimbabwe and form two(2) leaner at St Ignatius College said 10 students from different schools in Zimbabwe came up with the initiatives after realizing negative effects of COVID-19 lockdown on rural learners.

The members are from Roosevelt Girls High, Lomagundi College, St David Girls High Bonds ,St Dominics, Christ Ministries High School.

“We came together and realised that the lockdown period affected some children who can’t get educational resources. Even before the lockdown there were some children who weren’t getting enough education due to the lack of necessary resources like books, pens in some cases even school fees. We decided to come together as teenagers and try to bring change and alleviate these problems,” he said.

Tafadzwa recently narrated the vision of their organization on State Broadcaster, Zbc Tv during the International Children’s Day of Broadcast(ICDB).Engage Zimbabwe will be instrumental in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and complimenting government efforts ahead of Vision 2030.

Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) #4 speaks to the need of ‘ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life long learning opportunities for all’. The SDG #4 has seven targets and three means of implementation.

“Our long term objective is to provide all the children in Zimbabwe with the necessary resources. We know as a small club this will be hard to achieve but we will work towards this in the coming years.
We also have an objective to empower young people as we are featured by teenagers. Our idea is to provide a platform for the youth to work on their abilities and helping other people in the process.”

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe