Entertainment: Lovezh takes pride in ‘I Want to Marry You’ video

Entertainment Reporter

The Afro-Fusion crooner released a thundering 10 track album titled ‘Giant Wanyanya’ this year. His passion for music will make him stay in the game for so long.

This time around Lovemore Nerudzo Aka “Lovezh” of the Brave Stars decided to surprise his fans with a thrilling video of the track titled ‘I Want to Marry You’.

The hit track will have the album dropped anytime soon. Music lovers will have something worth entertaining during the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.

The high level production of the magnificent video was done by the EagleFocus Images Company in the Capital under the directive of Lloyd Mhungu & Sheperd Mutambiranwa.

The video has a composition of both rural and urban setting respectively in Murehwa and Harare.

“I decided to do a video for I Want To Marry You due to mounting pressure from my loyal fans who wanted something to dance to during the Christmas and New Year holidays. I’m also working on another video project for the song Wandinotemba Naye which is also rocking the airwaves. It all shows that my latest album is making an impact on the market,” said the Brave Stars band leader, who also recently released another video for the song Elengina which is dominating local radio charts.

Giant Wanyanya comprises the hit tracks I Want To Marry You and Wandinotemba Naye which are currently receiving favourable airplay on local radio stations.

Other tracks on the album include Ndiphembeleleni, Vanodanana, Mkoma Gidza, Simba Mukaka featuring Mark Ngwazi, Kusaziva Kufa, Usatsamwe and Giant Wanyanya (title track).

His discography comprises albums Farai Nesu (2017), Chikuru Kufema (2018), Wenyama Ngaafare (2019), Mwari Mupenyu (2019) and Giant Wanyanya (2020)

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