Zimbabwe: ERC bemoans ammendments to the constitution


Election Resource Centre Zimbabwe has bemoaned the current government’s move to amend the 2013 constitution before completing all laws to it.

Addressing the Media this Thursday Tawanda Chimhini Excutive DirectorElection Resource Centre Zimbabwe said that that ED Mnangagwa led government admits to the hickups existing in the current legislation yet calling for national cohesion.

“The ERC notes with great concern the government’s insatiable appetite to amend the 2013 constitution even before completing aligning of all laws to the constitution.”

“The government through the admission of President E D Mnagagwa admitted that more needs to be done to align all laws with 2013 constitution, it is disturbing the same government is calling for dialogue and national cohesion on one hand it is shutting the door on all other stakeholders in an important exercise such as amending a constitution that was overwhelmingly supported by Zimbabweans in 2013.”

According to ERC the ruling government should have offered an inclusive approach to the changing polices than crafting amendments alone in a stubborn manner.

“While recognizing the government can initiate changes o the legislation, the political context of extreme polarization and encouragement for Zimbabweans to work together by regional partners, ZANU PF and government would have more to gain from an inclusive approach to changing polices than stubbornly doing it alone banking on their parliamentary majority.”

ERC says the current move to contemplated by the government of ZANU PF is tantamount to the abuse of power through erosion of democracy yet a clear path to credible constitutional alignment would pave way for an international isolation.

“ZANU PF may enjoy a Parliamentary majority , but the abuse f such control of the legilsture in passing legislation that erode the principles f democracy such as separation of powers is ill advised.”

“It is of great concern that the developments are coming at a time when reforms should define country’s attempt to extricate itself from current challenges including international isolation, clawing back the gains of the 2013 constitution will only serve to widen the rift between those in authority and those outside of it

Tendai Guvamombe