Food insecurity calls for agro-based investment initiatives

Agriculture Reporter

World population is growing at a faster pace, threatening food security, a resource that is ever shrinking at the back of climate related challenges.

This now calls for long term strategic plans to strike a balance between the ever increasing world’s population and food resources.

For this to happen there is need to enhance innovation, policy adjustments and global collaborations. The ending results will create a sustainable future for the upcoming generation.

Food insecurity is a cause for concern in Africa, calls for innovative initiatives to save the continent from hunger and malnutrition.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is in a drive to enhance areas of agriculture in Zimbabwe through innovation and investment.

Doctor John Bhasera Permanent Secretary of Agriculture Ministry reiterated on the need to introduce innovative mechanisms to curb food crisis in the midst of population growth.

“The population is growing every year and at the same food demands in the country are also widening hence the need to reverse the trend through investment innovation.”

“Droughts, limited access to markets, access to finance calls for the support to embrace agricultural initiative success.”

Zimbabwe’s government is working round the clock to end hunger and malnutrition at the back of agricultural productivity.

This comes at a time when countries of the world are working on realignment of polices in upgrading their SDGs.

Tendai Guvamombe