FOSMM announces new Board Member, Brian Manyati


“This is a significant moment in the history of our organization. We are deeply grateful to Mr Manyati a seasoned professional journalist and business critical thinker, naturally patriotic, self-leader and community teacher; innovative, and team oriented and excellent in team work; results based orientation; self-motivated and thrives on goal achievement; willing to learn both new and challenging tasks; trustworthy and reliable; excellent work and event organizing skills Mr Tapuwa Chitambo, Secretary General of FOSMM says; “ I am excited for what the future holds under Mr Manyati’s leadership. Brian brings a wealth of experience in journalism and strategic vision to our organization, which will be critical to our ability to scale and meet the demand for active citizenship in Zimbabwe.”



▪ Through the then Chief Editor I. Guvamombe, since 2009 He featured and published articles with the Herald/Sunday Mail aimed at contributing insights that fellow Zimbabweans may miss out on government policies Furthermore, he had articles published by the Zimbabwe Digital

News, for instance, “Your guide to investing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange: Here`s what

you need to know” in 2018 and “Make no mistake: the fight against sanctions is real for Zimbabwe” in November 2020. Have gone on to write several articles aimed at the promotion of the rule of law through the Connections to Communities (C2C) community building and knowledge sharing vehicle.

▪ Beginning 2015 to 2018 He worked as an Online Business Desk Moderator with the Zimbabwe Socio-Economic Platform created by the Indigenous Business Initiative Council of Zimbabwe (IBICZ). Worked with and assisted the chairperson in crafting the IBICZ draft national constitution. On one successful evening he was given the opportunity to moderate a solution seeking and impasse breaking session where the invited guests were the lead persons of an ongoing street protest famed “Tajamuka”. The chairperson of IBICZ jmarufu1@gmail.com has participated in pro-economic empowerment bodies such as IBDC, NECF, and Civil Society Coalition of Zimbabwe formation of NANGO and FONGO federation, the latter where he acted as the secretary general.

▪ Since 2020 he is an active Independent Business Correspondent (IBC) subscribed with the Connections to Communities (C2C) initiative, a vehicle aimed at knowledge sharing and community building through civic education aligned to the promotion of rule of law. Among C2C members on an equal footing basis are Zimbabwe`s long standing indigenous entrepreneurs such as Mutumwa Mawere (mdmawere1@gmail.com) who also is author of the 436 page book entitled “When Minds Meet”.

▪ He was a Flexi-time Harare Representative and is a resident Business Columnist at Zimbabwe Digital News (www.zimbabwedigitalexpress.com) for Harare, Zimbabwe 2017 to date.

▪ He were Secretary of the Pan-African Movement Business Team from 2017 to 2018. PAM Business team is a composition of business oriented Pan-Africans hailing from countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Eritrea, Zimbabwe to mention a few and Africans
in the Diaspora in countries such as USA, UK, New Zealand.


▪ Head Consultant at African Development Associates a trade name of CLZ (Pvt) Ltd a self￾owned tertiary level financial services training SME since 2014 to date.

▪ Facilitator of block release and online classes with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) in Zimbabwe since 2018 to date.
▪ Mentor to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) students with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe 2019 to date.
▪ Volunteering Finance & Administration Director at VaChikepe & The Hundred Sailors Poetry, Music & Arts ensemble (https://vachikepe.100sailors.com) from 2016 to date.

Media Contact:

Mr. Tapuwa Chitambo Secretary General tapuwa.cym@gmail.com

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