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free medication for Guruve villagers

HUNDReEDS of Guruve villagers thronged Ruyamuro and Kemusasa clinics to received free medical treatment over the weekend from 6 dentists and 4 doctors under the Zim who were invited by Guruve South legislator Patrick Dutiro (ZANUPF).

The doctors managed to attend 400 patients at Kemusasa clinic and 150 at Ruyamuro clinic where they were doing consultancy, counselling, advising patients and giving them common drugs which were at their disposal.

Dutiro said Guruve has been hit by shortage of doctors and is currently having two government  doctors who came last week  after others left the district.

“Having noticed the challenge of lack of doctors in Guruve l decided to bring doctors to my constituency to mitigate health problems and as we are now in the farming season most villagers prioritise farming other than their health care hence l brought these doctors to assist the constituency,” Dutiro said.

According to Dutiro the doctors will be coming every weekend until year end and they will be going to every clinic in his constituency.

“The doctors will be coming here every weekend and we will be going round the constituency giving health services since health care is a basic need, next weekend we will be at Mudindo clinic and Nyamhondoro.”

“We would like to thank cup global cotton director Max Chad who has managed to purchase most of the drugs we are using but we have not closed the door for other well-wishers they can donate drugs at Guruve hospital or any clinic,”he said.

Meanwhile, many patients around Zimbabwe are flocking at Karanda mission hospital in Mount Darwin following the strike by government junior doctors who were subsequently fired due to their industrial action.

Tendai Guvamombe