FULL LIST: 133 political parties to contest 2018

By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE will likely have its highest number of political parties and individuals vying to become President, MPs and councilors in elections due for 30 July this year.

A list of 133 parties, the highest number of parties since independence, has been released with most of them totally unknown among locals.

These include a party calling itself, Busier Busier and another which goes by the name, G40 Generation 40.

However, of the parties, the ruling Zanu PF and the main opposition MDC-T are the only ones that stand a realistic chance of winning the next polls.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Commissioner Joice Kazembe once derisively described some of the small parties as “family based”.

Below a list of 133 parties.


  1. #1980FMZ #1980 Freedom Movement Zimbabwe
  2. ADP African Democratic Party
  3. AKE Alliance Khumbule’ Ekhaya
  4. ANSA Alliance for National Salvation
  5. APA Alliance for the People’s Agenda
  6. BCP Bethel Christian Party
  7. Busier Busier
  8. BZA Build Zimbabwe Alliance
  9. CP Chiefs Party
  10. CTD Congress for True Democracy
  11. DARE Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment
  12. DA-UPP Democratic Alliance- United People`s Party
  13. DAVID Divine Alliance for Vitalisation of Inspired Development
  14. DAZ Democratic Alliance Zimbabwe
  15. DOP Democratic Opposition Party of Zimbabwe
  16. DPZ Democratic Party of Zimbabwe
  17. DRK Democratic Revolution Kommand
  18. DRP Democracy Restoration Party
  19. ENDP Economic National Democratic Party
  20. ERA Economic Reform Assembly
  21. ERP Economic Reconstruction Party
  22. FDZ Federal Democrats of Zimbabwe
  23. FF Freedom Front
  24. FJCZ Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe
  25. FLOANP (formally ANP) Forces of the Liberation Organisation of African National Party
  26. FZC Freezim Congress
  27. G40 Generation 40
  28. GNSD Gungaisizwe Nationalistic Social Democrats
  29. GPM: ZPP Zimbabwe People’s Party: Good People’s Movement
  30. J JDP Justice and Development Party
  31. KP Kambizi Party
  32. LD Liberal Democrats
  33. LP Liberation Party
  34. LWTF Long Walk To Freedom
  35. MAAT-Zimbabwe MAAT – Zimbabwe
  36. MAYAZ Movement Amalgamating Youths to Advance Zimbabwe
  37. MCD Multi-Racial Christian Democrats
  38. MDC Movement for Democratic Change
  39. MDC Movement For Democratic Change
  40. MDC-T Movement For Democratic Change – Tsvangirai
  41. MKD Mavambo Kusile Dawn
  42. MNP Mthwakazi National Party
  43. MPDPZ Multi People’s Democratic Party of Zimbabwe
  44. MRP Mtwakazi Republic Party
  45. N.D.C National Democratic Congress
  46. NAP National Action Party
  47. NAPDR Nationalists Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Republicans
  48. NCA National Constitutional Assembly
  49. NDC National Democratic Congress
  50. NEPF National Empowerment Progressive Front Party
  51. NP New Page
  52. NPF National Patriotic Front
  53. NPF (formally PIMZ) New Patriotic Front
  54. NPJE National Party for Justice and Economics
  55. NPP National People’s Party
  56. NUP National Unity Party
  57. NZDC New Zimbabwe Democratic Change
  58. NZDP New Zimbabwe Democratic Party
  59. NZRP New Zimbabwe Republican Party
  60. PACD Progressive Alliance of Christian Democrats
  61. PDP People’s Democratic Party
  62. PDU People’s Democratic Union
  63. PDZ Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe
  64. PIMZ Progressive and Innovative Movement of Zimbabwe
  65. PPPZ People’s Progressive Party Zimbabwe
  66. RAC Righteous African Congratulation Party
  67. RDP Rainbow Democratic Party
  68. RPDZ Real Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe
  69. RPZ Republican Party of Zimbabwe
  70. RZFP Rise-up Zimbabwe Freedom Party
  71. RZP Rebuilding Zimbabwe Party
  72. SAPAZIM-SPZ Salvation Political Party Zimbabwe
  73. SDP Sustainable Development Party
  74. SUVOZ Suffering Voices of Zimbabwe
  75. TAD The African Democrats
  76. TIZ Total Independence of Zimbabwe
  77. TKC Thy Kingdom Come
  78. TZ Transform Zimbabwe
  79. UANC United African National Council
  80. UCA United Christian Alliance
  81. UCAD United Crusade for Achieving Democracy
  82. UCADGPZ United Crusade for Achieving Democracy Green Party of Zimbabwe
  83. UDA United Democratic Alliance
  84. UDF United Democratic Front
  85. UDM (changed from UMUP) United Democracy Movement (changed from United Movement and Unions Party)
  86. UDP United Development Party
  87. UMD United Movement for Democracy
  88. UMD United Movement for Devolution
  89. UPP United People`s Party
  90. UPZ Unity Party Zimbabwe
  91. URFZ United Residents Front of Zimbabwe
  92. USSAC Union of Socialist States of the African Continent
  93. VIVA Voices In The Vision of Africa
  94. VOP Voice of the People
  95. VP Vanhu Party
  96. WOYE Word Of Yahwe Expression
  97. ZANU – PF Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
  98. ZANU NDONGA Zimbabwe African National Union -Ndonga
  100. ZAPU Zimbabwe African People`s Union
  101. ZCP Zimbabwe Communists Party
  102. ZCPF Zimbabwe Citizen Party Forum
  103. ZDC Zimbabwe Democratic Change
  104. ZDP Zimbabwe Development Party
  105. ZDPP Zimbabwe Democratic and Patriotic Party
  106. ZDRP
  107. ZEFF Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters
  108. ZEFP Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Party
  109. ZIA Zimbabwe In Alliance
  110. Zimfirst Zimbabwe First Party
  111. ZIM-ID Zimbabwe Independent Democrats
  112. ZimPF Zimbabwe People First
  113. ZINACO Zimbabwe National Congress
  114. ZIPP Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity
  115. ZITA Zimbabwe Transitional Alliance
  116. ZITER Zimbabwe Industrial & Technological Revolutionary Party
  117. ZIYA Zimbabwe Youth in Alliance
  118. ZLD Zimbabwe Liberation Democrats
  119. ZLP Zimbabwe Labour Party
  120. ZNRC Zimbabwe National Redemption Congress
  121. ZOOPP Zimbabwe Organized Open Political Party
  122. ZPF Zimbabwe People First
  123. ZPF Zimbabwe People’s Front
  124. ZPFU Zimbabwe Provincial Federal Unity
  125. ZPM Zimbabwe Patriotic Movement
  126. ZPV Zimbabwe People’s Voice
  127. ZRDP Zimbabwe Rainbow Democratic Party
  128. ZRDP Zimbabwe Revolutionary Democratic Party
  129. ZRF Zimbabwe Republican Front
  130. ZRP Zimbabwe Republican Party
  131. ZUDA Zimbabwe United Democratic Alliance
  132. Z ZUM Zimbabwe Uhuru Movement
  133. ZUNDE Zimbabwe United for Democracy


Coalition Parties                

PRCOPP People’s Rainbow Coalition Of Opposition Political Parties

CODE Coalition Of Democrats

MDC Alliance


Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa