GMAZ mourns the late Haritatos


By Loice Takarindwa (Staff Reporter)

The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe(GMAZ) has send a message of condolences to the Haritatos family following the passing on of Mr Peter Haritatosi.

In a statement, GMAZ described Mr Haritatos as a leader and hard worker who contributed to the national food security. His contributions to the milling industry will be remembered .

“We mourn the untimely passing on of our long standing, committed and unwavering member of GMAZ, Mr Peter Haritatos of Central Milling in Kadoma.”

“Mr Haritatos was a shrewd strategist, an astute businessman, a hardworking community leader and a leading figure in the national food security matrix. The grain milling industry and the country at large will forever be indebted to his resilience, pragmatism and patriotism in confronting the intermittent national food crisis we had since independence,” reads the statement.


Staff Reporter
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