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Govt criticized for sidelining health declarations

By Tendai Guvamombe (Harare)

Government has been criticized for failing to uphold international declarations on health through implementation at national level,  a predicament which has landed country’s health system in jeopardy.

This came to light during a Conference on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) held by the members of the Civic Society at a local hotel in the Capital.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Diana Mailosi Compass Project Coordinator for Advocacy Core Team reiterated that the government has been failing to implement Universal Health Coverage(UHC) and Abuja Declarations all which Zimbabwe is a signatory.

Lack of implementation is the major attributing factor to the myriad problems currently faced in the health sector.

“Zimbabwe is a signatory to a number of multilateral institutions on health the likes of Abuja Declaration and Universal Health Coverage which all calls for the government to adequately fund health services but it has dismally failed to implement any of these declarations.”

According to Mailosi the  effects are now visible as many people are dying due to the unavailability of property health care which have seen collapse of health system and the failure to capacitate medical persons.

“Lack of implementation has been quite disastrous on our health sector where we are seeing the infrastructures dilapidating, poor service delivery, doctors going on strike, drug shortages,  leading to the death of many people who are deprived of their right to access better health care.”

Lloyd Dembure SAFAIDS  PITCH Country Focal Point said despite the challenges  the Civic Society is strategically determined to continue engaging the government to urgently attend to health matters bedeviling the nation.

“As the Civic society we shall strategically continue to engage the government and relevant stakeholders to map a way forward on some of the pertinent issues emerging from our dialogue forums.”

“We are also in a process to consolidate recommendations which are major key asks on health issues so that we share them with the government the myriad concerns coming from the civic society.”

Shortage of drugs and essential medicines in the country is likely to affect the people living with HIV and those suffering from non-communicable diseases.

Countries such as Malawi, Algeria, Uganda among others have  already started domestication of Abuja Declaration and the Universal Health Coverage in their health sectors.

Tendai Guvamombe