Govt declares late boxer Langton Tinago a provincial hero

LEGENDARY Zimbabwean boxer Langton ‘School Boy’ Tinago, who died aged 68 this week, has made history even in his death by being declared a provincial hero by government.

Tinago will be buried at the Midlands provincial heroes acre on Sunday.

He becomes the first sports personality to be buried at any of the country’s heroes acres, signalling a government departure from former President Robert Mugabe’s old order.

Before that, both the national and provincial heroes acres were meant for liberation war heroes.

Tinago passed on at Gweru General Hospital on Tuesday morning after a long illness.

He shot to fame when he became the first Zimbabwean to win three-time Commonwealth boxing champion – winning two consecutive lightweight titles and a super-featherweight.

He was also the first Zimbabwean boxer to retire unbeaten in both lightweight titles and a super-featherweight since June 1956.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa