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Grace assault victim delights in abuser’s fall

By Staff Reporter

SOUTH African model Gabriella Engels, who was assaulted by former First Lady Grace Mugabe last year, has rekindled her bid to seek the arrest of once larger than life wife to ousted President Robert Mugabe.

Engels was attacked with an electric cord by the short fused Grace who left her nursing a deep cut on the head and other injuries after the latter had found the 20 year old in the company of her two sons at a Johannesburg hotel.

There were different versions around the incident.

With both South African and Zimbabwean citizens clamouring for Grace’s arrest, Pretoria brewed a shocker through granting her immunity for being wife to a serving President.

“If I had the opportunity to meet the new Zimbabwean president, I would ask him to do the right thing and handover Grace for prosecution,” Engels told a private weekly on Saturday.

Engels’ lawyers were working hard to bring Grace to justice in South Africa so that she can answer to the case of assault.

“We are aware that she is no longer a person of power, that her husband was ousted from office and that the government of Zimbabwe said she does not enjoy any immunity anymore,” Engels’ mother said.

“In light of the latest developments, our lawyers are working on that case to secure justice for my child.”

Engels said her family was grateful and happy that Zimbabweans ousted the Mugabes because they were now abusing power to put fear into her family.

“Most definitely, I am happy, we are free and we will continue to fight until we get justice,” she said.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa