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Grace worse than Mnangagwa: PDP

By Staff Reporter

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) says President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace (pictured) would be a worse off choice of a future President than the just sacked Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“She has no social base and moral high ground,” party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said in a damning dismissal of the controversial First Lady on Monday.

“Unlike the other failures in Zanu PF including Mnangagwa and (Sydney) Sekeremayi who at least fought in the liberation struggle, Grace has no track record of patriotism.

“We in the opposition at least have a track record of fighting for democratisation of the country and an endeavour to restore the hijacked agenda of the liberation struggle.”

PDP said the holder of a controversial PhD also lacked “vision and crafty competence”.

“This country requires transformational leadership with the ability to lift the masses from poverty, create an enabling for development and with desire to create equal opportunities for all.

“Grace Mugabe is certainly not a person of this ilk; she has never done anything which benefits anyone other than herself.”

Mafume said Grace was not suited for President as she has displayed a lot of greed in her grabbing of a Mazowe farm that left villagers who occupied the farm homeless as she tries to expand her business empire.

He said the age of dynasty politics was long gone.

“Zimbabwe cannot be subjected to a Mugabe dynasty which for all intents and purposes proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is a family whose DNA is mediocre, failure and destruction,” said the PDP spokesperson.

President Mugabe on Monday fired VP Mnangagwa on alleged disloyalty and conduct inconsistent with his official duties with wide beliefs the 93-year-old leader was clearing the decks for his wife’s takeover.

His sacking was a culmination of an intense campaign by the First Lady to have the now former VP dislodged for showing unbridled ambition to succeed President Mugabe.

Gary Murambiwa
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