Guruve electorate cry foul

By Simbarashe Sithole

DISGUNTLED Zanu PF supporters in Guruve feel robbed of their votes after receiving empty promises by President Emmerson Mnangagwa who allegedly officially opened Eureka mine on June 20 last year and promised that  it to be fully functional after 18 months.

Mnangagwa launched his first presidential campaign in Mashonaland Central in Guruve and Bindura respectively, the campaign was dubbed “economics ahead of politics” which saw him scoop all the seats in the province.

Party supporters who spoke to this news crew said the president assured them that the mine was going to be the biggest employer of the locals but to date nothing has materialised.

“We feel robbed by the president after he came here during his first campaign and assured us that the mine will be functional in 18 months and over 400 locals will be employed, but to date we are still wallowing in poverty and artisanal miners have instead taken over the mine because there is no employment in Guruve,” lamented a source who preferred anonymity.

A resident from Siyalima bemoaned the party for making a false promise that they will erect a Net one booster in two months’ time from June 201.

“When the president came here he promised us that they will be a Net1 booster in two months but what they have done so far they have put a temporal booster which is not fully serving us, a clear sign that they just wanted our votes and not development as alleged, said the source.

Contacted for comment provincial party chairperson Kazembe Kazembe professed ignorance over the issue as he said he was locked in a meeting and would call back.

“What do you want this time ,for now l am in a meeting l am not doing phone calls l will call you and respond to your questions thank you,” he said before hanging up.

Meanwhile , these strings of failure by the party has posed a gruesome time for Kazembe who has become unpopular in political vortex of the province with an alleged faction rising to topple him from the chair.

This has also contributed to poor attendance by party supporters on their rallies which has since forced Mnangagwa to snub two of his rallies in the province on the eleventh hour due to poor attendance.

Tendai Guvamombe