Guruve man axes step father


Bid to save mother from her abusive husband has landed a Mvurwi man in trouble after he was arrested for striking his stepfather twice with an axe in an attempted murder case at Dhonzi farm, Guruve last week.

Mighty Tembo (26) of plot number 84 Dhonzi farm, Chihwe in Guruve was not asked to plead before Guruve magistrate Artwell Sanyatwe on attempted murder charge.

The state alleged that on October 18 Tembo had a misunderstanding with his step father Tobias Johanne (44) whom he accused of physically abusing his mother Mavis Mbiwati every night.

Tembo pick an axe and struck Johanne on the head and back respectively he was restrained from further assaulting his stepfather by his mother. Albert Charewa prosecuted
The complainant was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated and discharged.

In an unrelated case a suspected Guruve poacher Nicholas Mashizha (35) was remanded in custody yesterday by magistrate Shingirai Mutiro after he was allegedly found in position of 17 kilograms of elephant tusks valued at $4 375.

Prosecutor Carson Kundiona alleged that on April 1 the police teamed up with members from Zimparks and went to Bvochora business centre in Guruve where they were looking for a syndicate of five suspected poachers.

The five were called and came with the ivory in a sack members from Zimparks verified it and identified themselves before requesting for a permit to possess ivory.

The five fled in different directions and the police fired shots there by injuring Mashizha on his private parts while Izdora machipisa was also shot and arrested, the remaining three are still at large.







Tendai Guvamombe