Gwarada on Zanu-Pf


OPPOSITION MDC has claimed that people in Mashonaland Central province are now fed up with the ruling party despite scooping all the 18 parliamentary seats in the province.

MDC provincial chairperson George Gwarada said the humiliation to the Mnangagwa family in Bindura in a week was a sign that people are fed up.

“People in the province are tired of Mnangagwa regime this is clearly shown by poor attendance at their functions despite trying to bus people from all the districts, in short Mash Central is just fed up with Zanu pf,” Gwarada said.

Gwarada implored president Emmerson Mnangagwa to save himself from further humiliation by accepting dialogue with MDC president Nelson Chamisa.

” There is only one way out here to save Mnangagwa from further humiliation that is dialogue with Chamisa but he has to be sincere in saving the people of Zimbabwe not selfish gains.”

Gwarada’ remarks comes after president Mnangagwa’s foiled bifitting welcome in the province where he officiated a graduation ceremony at Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) organised by Zanu pf politiburo member and Bindura North legislator Kenneth Shupikai Musanhi and another flopped Auxilia Mnangagwa family fun day at Chipadze stadium within seven days.

The flops of the first family’s programs in the province are as a result of serious factionalism as the provincial leadership is alleged to be fanning divisions in a bid to canvass for support ahead of the looming Mash Central District Coordinating Committee (DCC) executive members.

Contacted for comment war veterans leader in Mashonaland Central Sam Parirenyatwa the province remains the stronghold of Zanu of and MDC is dreaming.

“Mash central remains the power house of ZANUPF. The masses of Mash central have been brewed and hardened by our revolution. It’s a no go area for chancers especially the novice MDC ideologically bankrupt lot. They may keep dreaming of coming to Mash central but we have always been saying;”ZVIROTO NGAZVIVE ZVIROTO ZVOPERERA KUHOPE” We are currently updating our masses on the people Govt programs and efforts to alleviate them from the tough economic challenges brought about mainly by the enemy induced sanctions,” said Parirenyatwa

Meanwhile,Zanu pf supporters who spoke to this reporter said they cannot go to rallies on empty stomachs.

“Things are very difficult these days so we will be busy hustling to have food on the table we cannot go to rallies on empty bellies.”

Tendai Guvamombe