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Harare Kawasaki embarks on Biker Awareness Ride

Harare Kawasaki the sole distributor of Kawasaki motorcycles in Zimbabwe last Saturday embarked on a massive awareness drive in the city in what became an all bikers weekend.

Motorcyclists from all walks of life converged at Westgate Shopping Center to take part in the roadshow campaign meant to send a message of awareness on motorcycle road safety.

Over the years motorists have been lagging behind the need to exercise caution and consider motorcyclists on the road. This has been a major attribute of unnecessary road accidents attributed to negligence and sometimes looking down upon bikers.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa on Saturday, Anthony Mackintosh Harare Kawasaki Managing Director reiterated that it is now time members of the public take cognisance of motorcycling and for motorists to exercise traffic road safety.

“We embarked on a bike awareness ride in Harare to bring awareness to the people so that they might consider taking motorcyclists seriously on the road and also to practice traffic safety. This is also meant to send a message to the world that motorcyclists deserves same treatment with motorists and trucks. In motorcycle we learn to respect pedestrians and motorists on the road. The bigger picture is about motorcycling safety and awareness in Zimbabwe.”

Mackintosh led the campaign expedition from Westgate Shopping Centre along Lomagundi Road, turned to King George Way as the enthusiastic team momentarily stopped at Kensington Shops. The crew went to Avondale Shopping Centre capturing the attention of motorists and onlookers.
As the crew went about, the whole expedition ignited interest to other motorcyclists who voluntarily became part of the campaign.

The awareness event gripped attention of members of the public as motorcyclists past through Arundel Park and Semi Levi Village in Borrowdale. The team members were in one accord.

Motorcycling has been misconstrued and sometimes met with discouragement from members of the public.
Against this background Kawasaki Harare has been offering motorcycling training programmes aimed at equipping bikers with relevant tools and knowledge regarding traffic safety.

“We realized that members of the public have met discouragement in developing motorcycling interest. Apart from being the soul distributor, as a company we decided to offer motorcycling trainning programmes on how to ride correctly and safely on the road. The services are part of our training programmes to ensure safety of bikers.”

Anthony Mackintosh, Harare Kawasaki front man is a long time motorcycle specialist and has enjoyed the honor of scooping prestigious accolades at a tender age. He is the former Founding President of Survivors Motorcycling of Zimbabwe and ULYSSES an International Motorcycling Group.
COVID-19 global pandemic restricted Kawasaki Company from holding similar motorcycling safety campaigns lined up the year 2020.

Bikers will next year celebrate 50 years of Motorcycling in Zimbabwe at the Trout Rally.

Tendai Guvamombe