Harare: Young mother cries after receiving sanitary wear

By Staff Reporter

A young mother from Caledionia shed tears of joy after receiving a kit of reuseable sanitary wear donated by TAAF Zimbabwe with the help of partners last Wednesday.

Christine Nyika aged 23, a mother of one could not hold her tears as she was being called to receive a kit of sanitary wear among hundreds of women and young girls at Caledonia Clinic.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa Christine said she was a happy person to receive reuseble sanitary pads. Before the day of the donations she had become adaptive in using tree leaves, newspapers and other unspecified materials due to lack of affordability.

“Today I am really happy for receiving reusable sanitary pads from TAAF Zimbabwe because I have been using t-shirts and papers for my menstruation which are all said to be not good for my health as a young woman.”
Swinner Laza a young woman from Royal KK expressed gratification to TAAF ZIMBABWE and partners as the donations came as a massive relief to her menstrual health for the next three years.

“Speaking on behalf of Young women from Royal KK I am really grateful for receiving these pads which I will be able to use for the next 3 years , things are tough in Zimbabwe pads are going for 15 dollars which we as young women cannot afford to buy. We hope to continue receiving more support interms of sanitary wear.

Bridget Tamai Community Based Facilitator (CBF) said cases of cervical cancers among other diseases are becoming rampant in Caledonia as poverty stricken women are now resorting to the use of t-shirts,papers and tree leaves all which are said to be causing bacterial infections.

“Young women and girls were now resorting to the use of t-shirts, tree leaves and other bad materials simply because sanitary pads are no longer affordable these days and this has been causing cervical cancers, we are still appealing for more assistance because there is still a lot that needs to be done in this community.”

Tendai Guvamombe