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Harare’s water crisis puts women’s lives at jeopardy, CWA

Community Water Alliance(CWA), a civic society organization has called upon the government to urgently intervene on the deepening water crisis in the Capital City.

CWA concerns comes amid young girls and women are reported to sleep on public water points/ boreholes in a bid to find the most precious drop.

“Its high time government intervenes on water crisis in the city. Women queue at the borehole on first day to collect cards which are used to collect water on the following day. Painful.This method of using cards was devised by water point committees to avoid a situation where women were queuing at the Borehole as early as 2 am,” said Hardlife Mudzingwa Community Water Alliance Coordinator.

Community Water Alliance(CWA) recently toured various suburbs in the Capital to asses they way people are fetching water from borehole points.

Hardlife Mudzingwa expressed concern at one incident were his team noted girls and young women came with blankets to sleep at water points queue. This was seen to be compromising life of the girl child.

“Community Water Alliance officials moved around Glen View, Budiriro and Hatcliff so assess the water situation and the challenges faced by women at Boreholes.”We met young women who said they were bringing blankets to queue at borehole before the use of a system of queue cards. Young men were using the crisis to entice girls into sexual activities.”

Tendai Guvamombe