HD enticed fans with a hilarious performance

HD performing Live at Aspindale Sports Club last Friday

By Entertainment Reporter

As the COVID-19 regulations continue to relax, music artists are now optimistic to re-engage with the world of entertainment.

A series of lockdowns experienced in the last two years almost killed the entertainment industry under the guise of a new normal.

Last weekend offered a number of live music performances around the Capital.

This writer was tempted to taste what Aspindale Sports Club offered in the just ended weekend.

HD- and the Black Ways was the main actor displaying a high level and magnificent performance at the most secluded place, situated at the heart of south-west of the Capital.

Revellers graced the genesis of the live performance well into the hours of midnight curfew.

Against all odds, music lovers defied a rainy whether temptation which kept sending a sombre atmosphere.

A combination of afro-fusion sounds, coupled with a traditional mix engulfed the the scenic atmosphere.

“Baba munenge rombe”, “Huchi” and “Ndotsvaga wangu” all from an album tilted “Bhora mberi” are some of the songs to reckon with after the HD’s hilarious performance.

Judging from the instrumental arrangement, enticed with a choreographed rhythm, COVID-19 can be the only limit for HD’s success in the entertainment industry.

The artist has a new offer for the fans. “Moto Musango” is the new album in making and will be released in April this year.

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