HighBrands Music 2020 calendar, set to romp in Female DJs

By Entertainment Reporter

HighBrands Music has taken a step further to strengthen its wings in the world of entertainment as the high profiled DJs are set to romp in female colleagues in the industry.

In the yesteryears it would sound weird for females to venture into the field of entertainment as DJs but in the present world, the wheels of change as taken the lead.

Women are now rising and shinning as they now occupy prominent positions in the sphere of influence.

HighBrands Music a vibrant entertainment company composed of top classic DJs is now embrassing the emancipation of women in their area of work.

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa this Friday Dj Feel Dee real name Philemon Dhangwa said their company will be introducing female DJs this year a move which likely to see it becoming the first media company to have first female DJs in the country.

“As HighBrands Music we have seen it best to romp in female DJs this year as part of our 2020 resolutions and hopefully this will take us far as we are going to be the first media group to uplift women in the entertainment sector.

According to Fee Dee its now high time ladies with the passion to become DJs fullfil their desires since music entertainment is now considered a professional field just like Teaching, medicine, journalism, egeeniering among others.

“We have realized that a lot of ladies are shy to become DJs because of the wrong perception that its a field that is associated with wrong doings but it’s high time people take this industry as a star alone profession in the same way we view Medical practitioners, Engineers, nurses, teachers, journalists among others.”

HighBrands Music is known for its top classic DJs in the city featuring man himself Feel Dee , Stizzy and Dice.

Trending under the belt of Bower Brand Media Group , High Brands offers “Triple Thrilling Nights” at Jameson’s Beer Engine from Wednesday to Saturday every week.

Revellers are kept captivated with fantabulous sounds which comes in different genres in the likes of house music, RNB, Hip-Hop, Conscious, Urban Groves, Zim dancehall, Jazz, African Fusion, covering both local and international content.

Tendai Guvamombe