Humble beginnings and enablers of success


Humans are born equal but everywhere are in chains. Differentiation is the reason why some people are proclaimed legends while others are not.

Despite being equal, people are surely not the same and the existence of different destinations of life is usually the chief culprit.

Sometimes it is not about the story of greatness but the charisma behind one’s willingness to take his/her secluded destinations to greater heights.

For someone like Soul Jah Love it was a case of executing his plan of life in the wake of a soul destination.

In some instances humble beginnings are the enablers of success. The frequently mentioned torid times and endless endurances encountered by the ‘Zim-Dancehall’ crooner was indeed a turning point for his success.

His impetus journey reflects that of Abraham Lincoln’s journey from the log cabin to the White House.

Despite being the most celebrated Zim Dancehall Legend, his humble beginning will inevitably become a source of inspiration to many generations.

“Ndini uya uya wamaigara muchiti imboko” thus “Devians of yester year are the heroes of today”.

Heroes are usually identified by one’s being as a politician but Soul Musaka’s death came as an eye opener.

A thousand lessons can be drawn from Soul Jah Love’s legacy but only the bolds can spare a chance to emulate the good course.

After Soul Jah Love’s befitting send off on Saturday his stories as a Legend will be said and written.

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe