HWT files urgent application seeking suspension of wetland development in Mabelreign

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights(ZLHR) on behalf of Harare Wetlands Trust filed a urgent application on 30 April seeking provisional order from the High Court for an imminent suspension of illegal housing developments taking place at Elis Robin Wetland in Mabelreign.

The development follows a pending High Court ruling where the applicant(Harare Wetlands Trust) formerly approached courts of law sometime ago seeking legal protection of Elis Robin Wetland .

Documents availed to SpotLight Online News Africa(SONA) shows that Eugene Kuhuni(First Respondent) is responsible for the development of housing construction currently taking place at Elis Robin Westland Area(part of Sentosa north wetland with a final order pending).

Responsible authorities are also implicated as respondents in the matter.

City of Harare as second respondent is implicated as the title holder of an open space behind Elis Robin School between Sherwood Drive and Westminster Road, Sherwood Park Greencroft.

Obtained documents shows that, Eugene Kuhuni(First Respondent) recently acquired personal rights through a sale agreement with City of Harare (Second Respondent) acquiring Stand Number 1079 Strathaven. Applicant has taken note of developments taking place at site and these include clearing of land, wooden cabin and assembling of building materials.

Environmental Management Agancy (EMA)(Third Respondent) has been implicated as an interested party, responsible for regulating environmental impact assessments, protecting ecologically fragile ecosystems and managing protection of environment in general.

Upper Manyame Sub-Catchment Council(Fourth Respondent) is a statutory board established under the national laws to regulate water resources in the Mukuvisi Catchment System.

Minister of Local Governments(Fith Respondent) with his portfolio being a parent ministry to local authorities.

According to environmentalists, wetlands protection are key in the mantainance of ecological systems and purification of water. In this case, Wetland area behind Elis Robin School is part of Sentosa Wetland which feeds directly into Upper Marimba street , a major tributary of Lack Chivero.

On record, Harare Wetlands Trust(HWT) is known for playing a crucial role in raising awareness on wetlands protection and management in the greater Harare through advocacy and litigation.

Tendai Guvamombe