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Inconsistencies, untrustworthy and fraudulent deals haunt Pokugara Land Owner

High Court of Zimbabwe

By Tendai Guvamombe and Gideon Madzikatidze

A top richest man in the country Mr Kenneth Sharpe as been dragged to court by a business partner in Pokugara Estate land wrangle.

This came to light after George Katsimberis filed a High Court application seeking an order to have him compensated a tune of US$20 Million.

The background of the matter had the two engaging in a joint venture of three land developments.

According to the High Court papers obtained by this news crew, Sharpe bypassed Katsimberis creating falsehoods regarding land titleship. Sharpe held procession of Harare City Council documents of the purported land in his name. Went on to create falsehoods that he was alone in the project.

As it stands Sharpe is believed to be evading from holding direct engagement with his partner. But in fact made use of monetary power to get influence of influential people.

This explains the mariad reasons why he decided to mishandle his partner in a dispute that has ended in courts.

The other allegations being faced by Sharpe relates to an incident in which he produced fake papers purported to have been received from the City Council.
The fake documents penned with an unauthenticated signature ordered the demolition of a full house built by Katsimberis. The fraudulent order also alleged that the house in Borrowdale West worth $300 000 United States Dollars.

It was further alleged that the house had a default in its survey diagram.

Tendai Biti a revered lawyer is the legal attorney representing Katsimberis in the case.

The application also reveals that Katsimberis is claiming a tune of US$17 875 000 for the damages.

If the courts rules in favor of Katsimberis there is a likelyhood of a number inconsistences from the alleged authorities and residents who have already purchased land from Pokugara Estate.

Tendai Guvamombe