International Day of the African Child leveraging on sustainable future

By Robert Chiwadzwa

Today we are yet on another international day,
A day worth remembering and commemorating!
A day to celebrate the future of mother Africa
One Chinua Achebe once asked, “where are the young suckers that will grow when these old bananas dies?”
We gather today in support of these young suckers
That they may grow well and think big
To shape the future of their beloved continent,

As we celebrate this propitious day
Let us remember that,
Victory is certain for mother Africa
To argue alongside Barack Obama,
“We are not here to fear the future but to shape it.”
The statement fits in well on a day like this
However, i am not oblivious of the fact that
The African child for years now,
Has fallen prey of the African politician
The African politician has let the African Child down
Today, the African Child doesn’t know happiness
About his or her education and health systems
Rather, happiness about these,
Is just but an occasional episode
In a drama of pain
It all start and ends with the African politician

The tragedies of the African Child are attributed
To nothing other than
The politician’s vicious circle,
Which in the words of the Afro-pessimists goes like,
‘What is logical to the African politician
Is not always practical,
What is practical is not always right,
What is right is not always ethical,
What is ethical is not always desired and
What is desired takes us back
To what is not always logical.’
Thus, undoubtedly subjecting the African Child to the four horsemen of Africa’s apocalypse,
Wars and

Let us all join our hands today and beyond
To protect the future of mother Africa
Through protecting the African Child
From the aforesaid tragedies
Give the African Child the education he or she deserves,
The health he or she deserves,
The shelter, the food and the care
Me, you and them- all deserve
“They need parental care, they need spiritual care” he sung Lucky Dube
If we do this, even
Africa Agenda 2063 will surely see the light of the world
A weak society produce weak leaders,
I believe, mother Africa is not one!

Speaking of the African Girl Child in particular,
After 50 years of independence on average
The African Girl Child is still the victim of a village mid-wife
For health treatment and labour issues
The African Girl Child is still a victim of forced early marriage,
Sexual harrasment and emotional abuse
Let alone, gender disparities and violence
The African Girl Child is still in the ghettos of human civilisation

On the other hand,
The African Boy Child is a victim of racial discriminations overseas,
In a bid to look for the so called, greener pastures!
Some are even dying
Crossing the Mediterranean sea
Trying to run away
From the so called dehumanising, rancidity and pernicious treatments
Back in their home countries.
The African Boy Child is no better
Compared to the African Girl Child
Indeed, they are both in the ghettos of human development
Quite hurting, disturbing and unprecedented
In this era of modern civilisation

Let us all play our roles responsibly
Let us preserve the future of mother Africa today,
For tomorrow is forever
To the African Fathers and Mothers
The African Child has argonised for too long
He or she cannot afford the luxury of your silence anymore
It is also not lost on me
That some of you are the perpetrators
Of the various heinous crimes
Against the African Child
Kindly stop sucking blood
From your own offsprings!
To the African politician
Stop exploiting the African Child
Instead, secure justice for the African Child!

Happy International Day of the African Child

By: Robert Chiwadzwa(Poet)
In solidarity with the African Child

Tendai Guvamombe