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Introspection of World Blood Donor Day

By Robert Chiwadzwa

Here comes another global day!
A day like no other days in this entire universe
A day to donate life
To the almost lifeless human beings

Do your best to donate blood today
For tomorrow you may be the one in need
For the more you donate
Is the more you become a beneficiary throughout,
Your life time

Let this find residence in your heart!
Let alone your families,
That blood is life
That blood is a precious liquid
Designed to transport nutrients and oxygen in beings
Coloured red by hemoglobins
Donate this vital liquid
And prevent lives from being lost

To those in positions of leadership and authority
The public wish is your command
Let this precious liquid be more accessible than ever
Having accessed it at a zero cost
You must as well have a human face
By making it more easily accessible than ever
To those in need of it
For money is less significant than life

Pumped by the heart
It is usually generated in bone marrows
The world as a whole, back then
Found it befitting
To spare this day
And made it the World Blood Donor Day
For every one of us
To donate this vital juice

This blood is good for all living beings
But more crucial to human beings
The pride of our lives!
Happy World Blood Donor Day

Robert Chiwadzwa is a local poet

Tendai Guvamombe