investigative journalism: Zacc’s intelligence to curb corruption


As the country is moving towards attainment of Vision 2030 it is essential for the media to help curb corruption through watch dog watch, awareness and investigate journalism.

This came to light during Zimbabwe Ant-Corruption Commission/ Transparency International  Zimbabwe Media Roundtable on Corruption held on Thursday in the Capital.

The round table discussion was the first of its kind bringing together anti-graft body and investigative journalists to galvanize the topical issue and working on collaborative efforts to fight all forms of corruption.

ZACC’s Research and Knowledge Management Manager Onesmus Nyaunde reiterated that journalists have a role play in fighting corruption through awareness and investigative journalism.

” All Zimbabweans have the  right to fight corruption and as Anti-Corruption we are delighted  to have the media performing a similar role as ours unearthing corrupt issues through investigative journalism,” he said.

Nyaunde went on to challenge journalists to unearth hidden elements of corruption relevant to assist the anti-graft body in trekking  corruption issues and also to avoid unethical practices.

“We therefore expect journalists to give in depth investigations that will be used by ZACC to arrest culprits,  media should be fair and avoid bribery because the nation relies on them hence our appeal is for them to be fair.”

Munyaradzi Magiga another Zacc’s official implored journalists for taking courage in investigative journalism adding that the anti graft body will continue to  work closely with the media in fighting corruption.

“ We have started on a journey which we are delighted to see going forward. As ZACC we shall continue to engage the media since our area of work is interrelated in many respects. Investigative journalism is part of our intelligence which assist to the betterment of our country.”

Tawanda Majoni a Media Consultant encouraged investigative journalists to create synergies with Zacc to scale up digging of corruption issues in the country.

“In recent times it is essential for the media to create synergies with the anti graft body in unearthing elements of corruption through investigative journalism.”

Tendai Guvamombe