It never rains for Ken Sharpe amid US$205 million land heist


By Loice Takarindwa(Court Reporter)

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe who is the main actor in a number of court cases is still at large.

The recent story of the day have seen the entire Directorate of T and C Construction appearing at the courts for erecting an illegal billboard along Borrowdale Road cautioning members of the public not to buy stands at Pomona City.

This was erected around December 2020 along Borrowdale Road in Harare close to the disputed land and reads:

“Cautionary statement to the members of the public. Pomona city. Land subject to litigation. Title deeds for land has been placed as security, under case number, HC4599/19, HC5989/19, HC10315. Purchase of stands is at risk of Purchaser.”

Grant Russell and Mark Sthrathen appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Shane Kubonera.

It has emerged that the duo are part of T and C construction which was subcontracted by controversial businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe for the construction of Airport Road.

“T and C Construction was subcontracted to construct Airport Road and they have not been paid to date, they were promised land by Sharpe but he has not honoured his promise, the same way he duped another Harare businessman George Katsimberis over US$4 million after they partnered to develop Pokugara Estate,” an anonymous source said.

The source added that Pomona City is a subject of litigation as it was fraudulently given to Sharpe as payment for the construction of Airport.

“Instead of paying T and C  Construction, Sharpe is now developing and selling it alone, so there has been a number of litigations against the transfer of Pomona land but Sharpe continues to sell the land, this is what these guys were trying to warn people against,” added the source.

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