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Katswe Sisterhood engages civic society in fighting GBV


Katswe Sisterhood engages community leaders in the fight against violence on girls and young women. Last Tuesday embarked on a training program with community leaders.

The organization is currently implementing the SASAI Faith Programme in partnership with community leaders in finding strategic ways to end violence on women and HIV.

Speaking to SpotLight Online News Africa Otillia Chinyani said hey are implementing Sasai Faith Program through bringing together community leaders in identifying the root causes of violence on young women.

“Since 2019 Katswe has been working with religious leaders and various members of the community to unpack the root causes of violence and identifying ways of strengthening support structure for victims of violence inside and outside faith spaces,” she said.

The organization has entered a second phase dubbed the “Awareness Phase”. This is done with the engagement of community leaders looking into the aspects of impalance of power and its effects towards violence against women in the society.

” Katswe has transitioned to the second phase, “Awareness Phase” in which activists within the churches and religious leaders are now engaging the congregants on how power imbalance perpetuates violence and challenge victims to break the silence around GBV.”

Reverend Maxwell Kapachawo MMF Founder expressed appreciation they received from Katswe saying Church leaders plays a crucial role in ending Gender Based Violence (GBV).

“It is very crucial for church leaders to partner organizations such as Katswe as we seek to end all forms of violence against girls and young women. With the knowledge awe have aqured so far its now easier for us to address some of these issues.”

Tendai Guvamombe