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Katswe Sisterhood intensifies fight against GBV by engaging faith communities

By Staff Reporter

Katswe Sisterhood vows to address Gender Based Violence(GBV) by engaging Church leaders and members of the communities.

On Thursday last week the NGO forum held a capacity building workshop with church leaders, worshipers and community members to reflect on the positive steps engaged from various communities. It was also a showcased opportunity to integrate future ways to end GBV.

Most of the participants came from the high density suburbs of Epworth.

Speaking on the sidelines of the workshop, Paidamoyo Muganyu Katswe Sisterhood Programmes Officer briefed this news crew on how they are engaging church leaders and communities in ending Gender Based Violence.
“Katswe Sisterhood is working with faith communities in preventing violence against women and girls and HIV. They are engaging in meaningful conversations to ensure justice, peace and dignity in relationships through the use of the SASA!Faith methodology which engages everyone in the faith community for sustainable and meaningful change,” she said.

Reverend Maxwell Kapachawo of the Kapachawo Foundation who attended the workshop said that church leaders are working with Katswe Sisterhood to alleviate issues of gender based violence in the community. Says church provides hope and solutions to some of the problems faced in marriages.

“We are working with Katswe Sisterhood to address Gender Based Violence in the community. We are in a phase of lockdown were people in marriage spend more time together. However this has its own challenges. The church is prepared to provide clue to challenges faced by man in the communities. Church provides a positive practical hope.”

Tendai Guvamombe