Kazembe heckled for ‘impossible to rig polls’ comments

By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (Zec) commissioner, Joyce Kazembe (pictured) was Tuesday jeered at when she told a gender parity conference at the Harare International Conference Centre that Zec was unfairly being accused of rigging elections, a feat she said was “impossible” under the strict conduct of local polls.

Kazembe was a co-panelist during the launch of the 50-50 advocacy campaign and 2018 women’s manifesto at a Harare hotel Tuesday afternoon.

The event was organised by the Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus in collaboration with local women who are in leadership positions among different political parties in the country.

“You know we are accused left, right and centre that we rig elections,” Kazembe said.

“It is not possible to rig elections. I am telling you the truth. In each polling station, you have representatives of every political party that is contesting, throughout.

“At the end, they are there when counting is done. And each one of those persons gets a copy of the results that are signed and which they have signed and the observers are there, the media is there, civil society is there. It’s impossible since I joined to actually rig elections.”

The opposition has continuously accused the ruling party of poll fraud through tweaking the country’s electoral laws to the disadvantage of challengers and staffing Zec with party loyalists.

Zanu PF has denied the accusations and instead dismisses its opponents as crybabies.

Kazembe, in her address, said there were 90 political parties in the country.

She said most of them were “family” whose members are even less inspired to vote for their own kins.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa