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Kazembe summons district leaders at his farm


By Netsai Gomondo

EMBATTLED ZANU PF chairperson for Mashonaland Central province Kazembe Kazembe has illegally summoned District Coordinating Committees chairpersons and secretary for women affairs at his farm in Concession today to drum up support for his chairmanship which is hanging by a thread.

Part of the invited team said they were told to support Kazembe and will in turn get favors from the Home Affairs Minister.

“We were invited by the Chairperson at his farm and we were persuaded to vote for him in the looming provincial elections after that we will get our prize from him,” said the source.

Other party members blasted Kazembe for conducting party business at his farm house.

“We are very worried with Kazembe who is holding party business at his farm house, that is very illegal we wonder why he does not learn recently he made illegal co-options now he is hosting district leaders at his farm house,” the source said.

Efforts to contact Kazembe were fruitless.

Being the chairperson of the province he has failed to unify the province which has since become the home of factionalism.

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