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Ken Sharp, a serial fraudster turns to media and musicians, as land saga escalates

Radio personality advertises stands fradulantly acquired in BorrowdaleKVG radio personality advertises stands fradulantly acquired in Borrowdale

The embattled fraudulent land baron Kenneth Rayden Sharpe is now seeking media attention in an attempt to fix his broken image. Currently his name is listed among top land barons in the country and is facing a number of court charges linked to land corruption in Harare.

Currently he went on a self-exile and has not been able to come back home to face his own trials but in fact went on to assign close aids to stand on his behalf.

Michael Van Blerk and Tatiana Aleshina are some of Sharpe’s aids who have been appearing before court trials on his behalf.

Airport Saga and the illegal partnership deal with City of Harare (Sunshine Development) are some of the major cases in which Sharpe in cahoots with authorities syphoned large hectares of land in Harare.

Jah Prayzah advertising controversial residential stands
Jah Prayzah advertises  fradulantly acquired residential stands

Homeless Seekers together with Harare North Legislator Allan Markham dragged Sharpe to Court for illegally acquiring Harare’s Prime Land.

The court cases have exposed Sharpe’s corrupt deeds and this will continue to soil his image.

Ken Sharpe has however resolved to sanitize his deeds by turning focus on the media.

Recently an unknown property magazine conferred a controversial award to Sharpe and there was no mention of other people and companies to have been honored by the pertaining tabloid.

He also featured in a local print media where a number of his none existing companies where singing to him hymns of praise.

Media is regarded as the most powerful institution in the country and is responsible for dissemination of information.

Sharpe made a blander when he advertises with none existing companies.

Apart from the media, Sharpe through his aid Tatiana Aleshina hired local musician Jah Praiser and radio personality KVG to advertise a disputed property in Borrowdale.

This has also exposed Sharpe’s disparate efforts to sanitise his swollen image.

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