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Khupe bashed by Zanu PF, Chamisa tells SA media

By Staff Reporter

MDC-T President Nelson Chamisa has blamed Zanu PF for the attack on former party Vice President Thokozani Khupe during the burial of founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera February this year.

Chamisa was speaking during a live interview with South African news channel ANN7 on Monday night.

The MDC Alliance Presidential candidate was in South Africa together with alliance partners to engage Zimbabweans based in the country’s rich neighbour.

He was asked to account for the violence that has accompanied the party’s leadership squabbles in which his alleged followers have launched physical attacks on Khupe and her allies.

“We have done a lot. Infact We left no stone unturned,” Chamisa said.

“We have done everything within our power. We launched a commission of enquiry which commission of enquiry also brought some very startling revelations that the violence that we saw at President Tsvangirai’s burial or funeral was actually violence coming from our colleagues in Zanu PF who planted provocateurs to try and embarrass our leaders.”

He added, “It’s something that we have taken up with the police and it’s something that we have not taken lightly.

“Even within the party, those people whom we have found to be associated even as they were being mobilised by those provocateurs are certainly going to be dealt with. Infact, we have already begun the process.”

Khupe is adamant Chamisa set her up for the physical attack which saw her seek refuge in a hut during Tsvangirai’s funeral in rural Buhera.

Upon learning of his former boss’s death in South Africa February 14, Chamisa railroaded party organs to declare him party leader, something that infuriated his co-VPs, Khupe and Elias Mudzuri, who has virtually given up the fight.

Khupe favoured the convening of an extra-ordinary congress to resolve the party’s leadership question.

But the young presidential hopeful denied stampeding his competitors away from the party’s top job in violation of the party’s constitution.

“Life is not just about congresses,” he said.

“Life is also about respecting the organs and the organ that is supposed to deal with issues is the national council. It dealt with issues; it chose a leader and the leader is the one who is speaking to you.”

Chamisa said it was not strange that Khupe and her allies were crying foul as they had vested interests in the party’s leadership question.

Gary Murambiwa
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