Kirsty sees Zimbabwe’s re-engagement efforts through sports


Chief Writer

The Minister of Youth, Sports,Arts , and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry says the upcoming international games to be held in Zimbabwe this month will pave way for International Diplomacy for Zimbabwe.

The Minister made the remarks while addressing members of the press on Triathlon and shooting events events to be held in Zimbabwe.

She referred the upcoming events as ‘softening agents’ of International Diplomacy.

“It is our view as Ministry that the Triathlon and shooting events will play a pivotal role as softening agents in International Diplomacy by embracing athletes from the combined more than 20 countries visiting the country.”

Despite the Minister not specifying in detail, it is a common understanding that she was referring to Zimbabwe’s re-engagement efforts with the Western World under the Second Republic.

The USA and Britain’s confirmation of attendance to participate in the upcoming games could have possibly ignited Minister’s remarks. The events have attracted 140 participants worldwide and will be held in Nyanga and Victoria Falls this month.

She further added that the events are an answer to Zimbabwe’s progressive will to corporate with the world using all available opportunities.

“The events are indeed an answer to the progressive will of Zimbabwe to the rest of the world through all elements of influence. ”

Zimbabwe’s relations with the Western World turned sour during the reign of the late former President Robert Mugabe for more than a decade.

The inception of the Second Republic saw Emerson Mnangagwa fostering re- engagement efforts under the mantra ‘Zimbabwe is open for Business’.

Tendai Guvamombe