Latest on Mazarura: ‘Perekedza Anokuda’ Video released this Tuesday

Entertainment Reporter

‘Perekedza Aanokuda’ from the debut album titled ‘Pamusoroi’ will be launched today. The track has been gathering momentum in the local scene.

In an interview with Spotlight Online News Africa Mazarura confirmed that the launch will be done virtually this Tuesday.

“Our latest Video will be launched today, and we decided to launch it on my online platform.We hope to interact with our music fans and getting a direct feedback on them as well,” says Mazarura.

“The video will released around 11:30 am and will be available on Mazarura’s official Facebook page and Mazarura You tube Account.”

The ‘Perekedza Anokuda’ video is earmarked to take centre stage in the festive season and music lovers will have something to cheer for during Christmas and New year’s Holidays.

Tendai Guvamombe