LEAD President Statement on Bulawayo Day

Linda Masarira LEAD PresidentLinda Masarira LEAD President


By Linda Masarira

Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) join Zimbabweans to celebrate Bulawayo, one of the oldest city in Zimbabwe.

On 1 June 2021 we celebrate the city being declared a town 127 years ago. Bulawayo Day is a day set aside to celebrate and promote everything about Bulawayo. We celebrate the diversity of local cultural expressions and heritage.

Historically, Bulawayo was the principal industrial centre of Zimbabwe, with industries that produced motor vehicles and spares, construction materials, electronic products, textiles, furniture and food products. As we celebrate Bulawayo today, we need to introspect and have sincerity to restore Bulawayo to its former glory.

Bulawayo is also the hub of Zimbabwe’s rail network and headquarters the National Railways of Zimbabwe. In the 90’s it was every child’s dream to be employed by the NRZ and all that can happen again if our government makes a serious effort to rehabilitate the rail network.

We appreciate the undeniably exceptional arts industry in Bulawayo and arguably the home of the best entertainment in Zimbabwe. We implore the Ministry of Youths, Sports, Arts and Culture to inject more funds in Bulawayo so as to promote and capacitate the raw talent in the city of Kings and Queens.

Investment opportunities have been limited in Bulawayo and it is time we all have a motto to #LookBulawayo and to resuscitate the economy by promoting domestic tourism and making Bulawayo a Special Economic Zone.

As we celebrate Bulawayo Day, let us all remember that Bulawayo lives matter and ensure that all people in Bulawayo have equity in accessing opportunities to wealth creation and entrepreneurship to sustain livelihoods.

Happy Bulawayo Day!

#SingabambanaSiyanqoba #MasiyephambiliBulawayo #LookBulawayo #LetLoveLEAD

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira
LEAD President

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