LEAD solidarity message to the people of Palestine


Every person has the right to life. We have been watching with sorry and heavy hearts the massacre of the people of Palestine by the state of Israel. The Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not been remorseful but justifying the bombings.

Since 1948 the Palestinian people have known no peace of mind and continue to be subjected to ethnic cleansing through displacement. It is sad to note that US backing which has given Israel License to Kill & Maim Palestinians

Palestinian scholar Hanan Ashrawi described Israel’s latest assault on Gaza as turning life in the besieged territory into “sheer hell,” aided by U.S. military and diplomatic statements that are pouring fuel on the conflict in the middle east. President Biden recently said that Israel’s Shelling and Bombing of Gaza Not a “Significant Overreaction.”

What boggles the mind is why UN and other international communities which are not allies of Israel in this brutal, inhuman and gross violation of international law are silent.

As Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats we believe that all people are equal regardless of class society, race, religion, gender or tribe and that every living human being has a right to life, liberty and happiness.

We stand in solidarity with Palestinian people as we call upon the International community to stop these war crimes and call for an immediate truce. Furthermore, Israel should be dragged to the International Criminal Court for their crimes.

We don’t want to get into theological or religious exposing of who are the true Israelites. America as a nation that claims to be Christians must be in a position to understand that Palestinians are not children of a lesser God and their Christian literature talks of spiritual Israel than jews outwardly.

Israel must, therefore, not justify the slaughter of Palestinians by their religious supremacy, after all they are all sons and daughters of Abraham through Ishmael and Isaac. If the injunctions of Acts 16:47 are true, then God by one blood made all nations of men. There must be peaceful coexistence of all human beings on planet earth. There should be no zionism , neither white supremacy nor Arab supremacy. The US must not play double standards.

Over 6 million Palestinian people are now refugees and thousand continue to perish in this bloody, merciless war. Africa pledged to keep Israel out of Africa until the occupation ended and most African states have not kept that in mind as they continue to establish diplomatic relations, economic and military cooperation in violation of Africa’s pledge.

It is sad that the world continues to watch in silence without other powerful states trying to intervene, to mediate, in a conflict that has resulted in the displacement and loss of thousands of lives of innocent Palestinians. Every life matters.

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira
LEAD President

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe