Madhuku’s NCA blasts the West over ‘racist’ sanctions

By Staff Reporter

PROFESSOR Lovemore Madhuku’s NCA has joined Zanu PF in demanding the scrapping of western sanctions imposed on the country when it was still under former President Robert Mugabe.

In a statement to mark Zimbabwe’s 38 years of independence on Monday, party spokesperson Madock Chivasa blasted the West and America for imposing sanctions on the country soon after the turn of the century.

“We are also worried as NCA Party about the existence of racist sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“NCA Party takes this opportunity, on the occasion of our 38th Independence, to call upon the West and its allies to lift all forms of sanctions against Zimbabwe,” Chivasa said.

Zanu PF has often accused its MDC opponents of calling for the imposition of sanctions in the country.

The sanctions came in the form of an asset freeze on firms and individuals associated with Zanu PF as well as a travel embargo and trade restrictions on targeted firms.

They were imposed at the behest of Zimbabwe’s former colonial master Britain when Mugabe led the violent seizure of white owned land while manipulating polls in his party’s favour.

The opposition has consistently denied encouraging its traditional benefactors to impose sanctions on the country but has largely refrained from calling for their scrapping.

The NCA could be the first among parties run by a group of former MDC-T allies to openly scorn the West while challenging it to scrap its sanctions.

Meanwhile, in its Independence Day message, NCA said it was saddened that locals still struggled to survive nearly four decades after attaining self-rule.

“It is however sad that 38 years after independence, Zimbabweans are still struggling to survive in a collapsed economy.

“Education is now for sale, basic health is in the intensive care with the poor struggling to get various health services,” Chivasa said.

“There is unprecedented level of unemployment as a result of collapsed industries amongst several other reasons.

“Zimbabwe still experience serious cash shortages despite the assurance, by the coup government, to solve the crisis.

“The same coup government is introducing a new form of colonisation by giving investment opportunities to other nationalities, mostly Chinese, ahead of our own potential local investors.”

The NCA also said it was sad that 38 years of independence has seen “the road network remain deplorable and dangerous to the citizens who continue to perish in these death traps”.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa